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Professional Supervision

For an LPC Intern selecting an LPC Supervisor is one of the most important decisions of your career. Because this relationship is so important to your career and to those you will be helping, we will look closely at our styles and goals at the initial meeting to make sure that you will get the most out of your supervision experience. The supervision experience is approached from a very professional, intuitive and empirical perspective.

My goal is to help my intern in their own path and counseling style that incorporates their core beliefs and personalities, while maintaining an ethically sound practice. Additionally, supervision assists interns in developing their professional identity in the profession.

Supervision involves translating your academic experience into real-life counseling and developing an understanding about how therapeutic change can occur within a counseling relationship while, at the same time developing a style and approach that is unique to you. 

LPC interns may find that their relationship with their supervisor will be that of teacher, situational counselor, and consultant, as they explore feelings of accomplishment, contrasted with anxiety and uncertainty. Learning to manage these contrasting experiences is a critical step in your development, as it helps you to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

To set up an no cost consultation regarding supervision contact my office begin by sending your resume to info@tyler-counseling.com to my attention. Counseling Interns will be considered after the completion of an no-cost interview and the submission of graduate transcripts and releases. Interns must be employed in an approved professional environment. Supervision is provided at the rate of $250.00 per month for offsite supervision and may be prorated at the beginning or end of the supervision contract. LPC-Internships are often available within my private practice.